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  • You do NOT need to go into Boost and unmap this fee. It will simply not apply to reservations and this fee will be removed as an option from the Boost portal in August.

  • Many Boost customers have decided to create mandatory Damage Waiver fees and map these in their Boost-Airbnb Channel.

  • To learn more about Aircover and Airbnb policies to understand how this impacts your business, click here for further information.

Property Headlines


  • Option A - Update your headline in your PMS to 50 characters or less: Once you have updated the headline in your PMS, it will automatically update in Boost once the data has been refreshed.

  • Option B - Edit your headline in Boost to 50 characters or less: To edit the headline in Boost, please review this article.

    • Please Note! if you have updated your headline manually in Boost, it will not automatically update when it is changed in your PMS and you will have to remember to change it here.