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The Boost product team has done a complete overhaul of the Boost Listings Page! Set to be released very soon, this update will provide a more Intuitive, Efficient, and Functional user experience! Learn more below!

What’s New?

Updated Columns:

The new Listings page has been reorganized into a much more efficient layout making it easier to see the status and needs of your listings and giving you the ability to take action from the main Listings Page.The listings page will now feature these columns: Property, Status, PMS ID, Channel ID, Channel Status, Last Updated, and Actions.

  • Status Column: Will include now include these statuses: Run Validation, Errors, All Set - Could be Improved, All Set.

  • Actions Column: This new column allows you to quickly take action on a specific property. Options available here are the same as the actions in the top ‘Action’ box.

Enhanced Filter & Search Capability:

We’ve added better filtering capabilities on the Boost Listings Page so you can access the information you want, when you want it. Simply select a category to Filter By and enter your text in the search box and click Search.

Improved Messaging

The Boost Listings Page will now include clearer messages and helpful tips for how to improve your listing quality. Not only will you have better information on this page, but you will be able to click links to take immediate action to resolve issues and improve your listing.

Toggle between the new and old listings view

In order to give Boost users time to get used to the new Boost listings page, we will be providing a New Listings View toggle which will allow users to switch between the old and new view with one click.


The current new version of the Boost Listings listing page will eventually be replaced by the updated completely replace the current version so please be sure to practice using the new New Listings view as much as possible.

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If you have any questions about the changes coming to the Boost Listings page or anything else, please reach out to our Client Success team at