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Rezfusion Boost includes the capability to create Property Classes based on the number of bookings for each listing.


This feature enables users to create pricing strategies that optimize both revenue and search result placement. Airbnb has shared that a key signal to their search algorithm is "time to first booking" and that booking and review history also significantly impact where listings will appear in results. 

By creating Property Classes by number of bookings and configuring those classes with pricing modifications users are able to launch new listings with discounted pricing that will automatically change as the property develops a booking history. 

To create a Property Class based on booking history, from the new Dashboard head to the Property Groups admin:

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Click the "Add Property Class" button at the top right to be brought to the class creation screen:

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Clicking the "By # of bookings" option will expose the configuration:

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To set an initial discount that will be removed once a booking taken place simply enter "0" into the "Maximum # of Bookings" field. Then set your discount using the Global Price Factor field on the pricing tab. You'll also want to set which channels the discount applies to in the "Channels" tab. 

Remember that any field you set on the class level will replace whatever may have been set at the global level. So if you set a price factor at the global level to offset commissions, simply setting your price factor to "1" at the class level would remove that premium. All other modifications at the global level will still apply, so only change the fields you wish to modify from the global settings. 

By using the other Unit Selection fields available you can add in other modifications. For example:

For example, respond to a surge in demand with premium pricing automatically by setting a minimum number of bookings in the most recent 30 days and add a 1.2 price factor. This will mark up rent by 20% for any properties with more than that number of bookings in the past 30 days, then as those bookings age the premium will be removed and pricing will return to previous levels.