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Table of Contents

Global Settings

  • Settings made at the Global level will apply to ALL units, ALL of the time. 

  • Some Global settings may act as a default or backup for important configurations like Taxes or a Cleaning Fee. 

    • Ex: A $300 cleaning fee is set at the Global level as a default, but the actual cleaning fees are set at the Group or Individual levels. This Global cleaning fee acts as a safety net in case any cleaning fees are missed during implementation, or a new unit is distributed in the future and the cleaning fee is forgotten. 

  • Will be overridden by settings made at the Property Group or Individual Property level. 

  • Where to find Global Settings

Property Group Settings

  • Groups properties together that share a common setting, like a cleaning fee.

  • Can be overridden by Individual Property settings

  • Can be assigned using features from your PMS data, by zip code, or by selecting individual units.

    • Example of using PMS data: All one bedroom Condos get a $100 cleaning fee. 

  • Where to find Group Settings

Individual Property Settings

Generally, all OTA settings are available at each level, with a few exceptions.

Where to find Global, Property Group, and Individual Settings

Once logged into Boost, navigate to the new user dashboard by clicking the Rezfusion Boost logo in the upper-left-hand corner. 

Locating Global Settings

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Locating Property Groups

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Locating Individual Property Settings