BA Test

Use these steps to test the Booking Abandonment tool. These steps work for both RezFusion and Cloud sites.

If you want the results of the Automated Journey test right now (not waiting 24-hours) set the Automated Journey delay to at least 5-minutes for beginning the following steps. Ignore this message if you don’t mind waiting for the normal 24-hours.

A couple of things to remember to check:

  • The popup is working (Step 3)

  • The website fields are populated (Step 5)

  • All Booking Abandonment information passed to Campaign Monitor (Step 8)

  • Segments are populating correctly (Step 9)

  • All links are working in both emails (Step 10)

  • The automated journey is working correctly (Step 11)

Table of Contents:

Testing the Booking Abandonment Tool

  1. Make sure your Booking Abandonment journey is turned on in Campaign Monitor.

  2. Head to your client's website, search specific dates and head to the booking page like normal.

  3. When you get to the booking page, if all is set up correctly, the popup should appear on the booking page.


  4. Fill in your name and email in the popup and hit the Continue button.


  5. You should see your name and email address populated in the correct fields in the checkout form.


  6. Leave the booking page (you can close the window, search a different URL, etc.)

  7. Log into the client’s Campaign Monitor account and head to the Reservations - Booking Abandonment list.

  8. You should see your name & email address appear in the list, and all of the custom fields populated.


  9. It’s also good to make sure that you have entered into the correct segment (either property available or property not available).


  10. When testing links, I find it’s easiest to create a test campaign and use the Preview with personalized content. Make sure to set your recipients as the test segment you created. If not, you may not see your email address in the personalized content dropdown.


  11. Make sure either Property Available or Property Not Available email gets to your inbox after the journey delay set time.

  12. Send drafts to the client and get approval before sending live.

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