Boost New UI Updates | Listing Settings Page

We’ve renamed the listing “Overview” page to “Listing Settings” page and made updates to how your listings are viewed and edited in Boost. Below are some highlights of the new changes and functionality.

What’s New?

We’ve renamed the listing “Overview”page to “Listing Settings” and added several additional setting categories including: Content, Pricing, Availability, Policies, Amenities, Price and Availability, and Fees and Taxes. You are now able to see and edit all of these settings on a listing-level right here on the Listing Settings Page.

How to Get To There :

Follow these steps to Navigate to the Listings Setting Page (Formerly known as listing Overview): Log into Boost → Click ‘Manage’ on any channel → Click on the Listings Page → Select a specific listing by clicking on the name of that listing.

Feature Details:

How to Edit Your Listings:

In the past you would have clicked the “View Saved Configuration” button to edit all details of an individual listing. With our new update, all listing settings can be edited on the Listing Settings page. Simply click on any of the listing detail sections to expand it then click the blue EDIT button in the bottom right side of the section.

In the image below, we demonstrate how to edit Pricing:

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save once you’ve made your changes.

The Value Column:

The Value column reflects the data that is currently being used for each field. If it says No Value, nothing has been configured.


The Source Column:

The Source Column shows where the data in the value column is coming from.

There are 3 options of what will show in this column:

PMS Settings - This indicates that the data in a specific field is coming from your PM Software and any changes you make there will change this value. Note the Name of your specific PM Softare will show. Ex: “VRM” or “Streamline”

Channel Settings - This indicates that the data in a specific field is coming from the channel settings page of Boost. Channel Settings change information for all of your listings. This will override what is coming from your PM Software but can be overridden by changes made in Boost at the listing level.

Listing Settings - This indicates that the data in a specific field is coming from edits made in Boost on the listing level. This will override any other source, including your PM software and changes made on the Channel Settings page in Boost. This changes information for a specific listing.