Boost Updates | New Listing Features

Boost has several new listing features to help you optimize your listings on Read more below!

What’s New ?

There are several new features available to add to your (BDC) listings within Boost. Utilizing these new listing features will help improve your listings' overall quality and make them easier for potential customers to find on They can also improve your guest review scores!

New Features Included : House Rules, Property Scores, Property Profile Details and Profile Photo, Property Profile Hotelier Messages, Area Info, and Property Directions.

How To Get There :

The new BDC listing features can be accessed on the Tab of an individual property page in Boost. Click to expand the box below for how to navigate to these features:

  1. Log-in to Boost and Click on My Account in the top right corner of your Boost Dashboard

  2. Click on the My Listings Tab

  3. Click on the name of the property that you would like to Edit

  4. Click on the tab, and then More Options in the top right corner

Feature Details:

Below are some specifics of each listing feature available for your listings in Boost. Interested in learning more about how to further optimize your listings? Email our Client Success Team here:


Edits saved in Boost for BDC listing features will override corresponding fields in the Extranet. If you do not edit and save changes in Boost, the information that has been entered in the BDC Extranet will remain as is. 

All features are added on a per listing basis in Boost. However, the following are able to be bulk edited for a group of listings in the BDC extranet:

  • House Rules

  • Check-in Method

House Rules:  

House Rules allow you to set smoking, parties, and pets rules for your property, as well as quiet hours.This improves the guest experience when filtering for properties that match their needed accommodations.

Property Scores:

This feature checks the content of your property and compares it against other vacation rentals and hotels in your market and then gives your property a Content Score out of 100 points. It also shows you ways to improve your score!

  • These values are checked by every time you click on the Property Scores, giving you the most recent stat.

    • Scores are not shown to guests, rather they are meant to give you insight into how you can improve your property to match configurations guests are searching for.

    • Note: Each section expands when you click it, revealing content score metrics.


Property Profile Details and Profile Photo:

Adding Property profile details and a profile photo allow you to show off more of your company to prospective guests, as well as give them information about when the property was built and renovated.

You need to fill out the property profile information before you upload a property photo.

Note: 'Does the host live onsite' and 'What is the name of the company' are both required fields


Check-in Methods:

Let guests know how they can check into your property after making a reservation by adding Check-in Methods to your listings! This brings peace of mind to guests and can help improve review scores after a reservation is completed. Let them know if there is a check in desk and where it is, if there a smart lock, and several other options!

You can include a primary and secondary check in option which will show to the guest after booking your property. You can choose between a list provided by

Property Profile Hotelier Messages:

Property Profile Hotelier Messages allows your guests to know a bit more about your property and its location as well as interesting facts about your company, by giving detailed hotelier messages.

Adding more languages can expand the amount of international travelers that see your property as well.

Area Info:

Use Area info to inform guests regarding various attractions near your rental-markets, stores, events, restaurants, etc! Think of this as a little guide book your guest can access right after booking.

Note: If you are attempting to put a distance value of “.4” miles, you must list it as “0.4”.

Property Directions:

Give confirmed guests directions and best advice on traveling to your property with Property Directions. Is your property near an airport with a shuttle? Add that info here! Is there a best highway route and exit your guests should take? Let your guest know, as well as how far it is.

Add multiple types of transport as well as the airport code for the closest airport to help them with booking flights.