Managing Airbnb in Boost's New User Interface | FAQs

Has your Boost-Airbnb connection recently been migrated from the Original User Interface to Boost’s New User Interface? You may find these Frequently Asked Questions and Answers helpful.

Managing Airbnb in the Boost New UI - FAQs

It looks like the Channel Settings page new. Do we need to set this up?

Yes! The Channel Settings page is a new feature of the New UI. Information added to the fields in the the Channel Settings page will be applied to all properties unless a listing is already receiving a value for a specific field from their PMS or has an override set in Boost on the Listing Settings Page (Boost New UI)

Channel Settings Page Use Cases

  • Required Airbnb Specific Fields - House Rules, Sync Status, Room Type, Cancellation Policy

  • Filling in “Extra Credit” Airbnb Fields that do not exist in your PMS - these are not required on the listings, but are nice to have, i.e. Instant Book Welcome Message, Check in/Check out times, Neighborhood, etc

Channel settings are slated to be migrated into the New UI at a later date, but we suggest copying these settings that apply to a majority of your listings so that when you have a new property it will be auto-populated with the Channel Settings values.

Is there a Pet button yet for Airbnb and if so, does the Pet button allow for a guest to click on Airbnb so a fee can be applied?

That feature is not available yet, however, it is on the top of the list of updates to be added once the migrations are complete. Currently you can indicate Pets allowed at a Channel Settings level and at the listing level.

Would filling out the fields in Channel Settings override what is provided from PMS?

No, Channel Settings do not override data provided by PMS. If you want to override what is being sent from your PMS, you will make that change on the listing level in Boost

If our amenity, tax, and fee mappings are already set in Boost Original UI, will everything pass over to the New UI?

Yes, all of the settings and mappings that you have set up in the Boost Original UI it will be migrated into the New UI for you. We do ask that you confirm this when your Airbnb migration has gone live in the new UI.

When will my account be migrated to the New UI?

Currently we are on track to have all client accounts migrated by August 31st. You will receive an email once your migration is complete.

What is the status of 30-day stays in Boost? Will they be available in the new UI?

Will we be able to get assistance with adding the price markups and channel settings if needed?

Will we be able to utilize Airbnb’s new categories feature through Boost? Examples: You can now search on Airbnb by “Lakefront,” “Beach,” “Islands,” etc.

Are we still adding bedding manually for Airbnb in the Boost New UI? Is that under individual listing settings?

Is everything being migrated on existing listings?