Airbnb Updates | Security Deposit & Character Limits

What’s New ?

Security Deposits are no longer accepted on Airbnb, they have moved all hosts to AirCover for Hosts program

Quote From Airbnb:

Our community of Host and guests is founded on trust and we are always working on ways to strengthen that foundation. In November, we launched AirCover for Hosts, inspired by community input.

Airbnb is taking further steps to hold guests responsible for damage they cause to Hosts' listings. By the end of May, guests will be informed that their payment method may be charged if they cause damage to a listing. As part of this update, security deposits set via the security_deposit field in the Pricing Settings API on v2021.12.31 will no longer be displayed on the listing's page.

Airbnb strictly enforces property headlines to 50 characters. Because of this Boost automatically truncates your headlines so that your listings stay live.

What Does this Mean for Me?

Security Deposits

  • You do NOT need to go into Boost and unmap this fee. It will simply not apply to reservations and this fee will be removed as an option from the Boost portal in August.

  • Many Boost customers have decided to create mandatory Damage Waiver fees and map these in their Boost-Airbnb Channel.

  • To learn more about Aircover and Airbnb policies to understand how this impacts your business, click here for further information.

Property Headlines

  • Any listings with headlines longer than 50 characters, will be truncated by Boost so that your listing stays live on Airbnb. Keep in mind that truncated headlines can appear less than optimal as they can cut off mid word or sentence.

Your Options…

  • Option A - Update your headline in your PMS to 50 characters or less: Once you have updated the headline in your PMS, it will automatically update in Boost once the data has been refreshed.

  • Option B - Edit your headline in Boost to 50 characters or less: To edit the headline in Boost, please review this article.

    • Please Note! if you have updated your headline manually in Boost, it will not automatically update when it is changed in your PMS and you will have to remember to change it here.

Need more assistance?

As always, if you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our wonderful support team who will point you in the right direction