Boost New UI | Longer Stays on Airbnb & Other Great Updates!

Longer Stays Supported on Boost-Airbnb

Until now, Boost has supported stay lengths of up to 28 days for clients utilizing length-of-stay pricing (LOS). We have good news, as of September 1st Boost now supports 31 day and 46 day stays depending on the PM Software you use!

Details: All Boost clients who utilize LOS Pricing and are connected to the PM Softwares below can now support longer stays on their Boost-Airbnb listings. See the chart below:

PM Software

Stay Lengths Supported on Airbnb

PM Software

Stay Lengths Supported on Airbnb

LiveRez, VRM, Escapia, & I-Trip

Up to 46 days

Streamline & Track

Up to 31 days

Client Action Required: Clients who want to allow for longer stays may need to adjust their settings in their PM Software and/or Boost to allow for these longer stays. For example, If you set a 28 day Default Max Night Stay in Boost (or in your PM Software), but want to support longer stays, you will need to adjust those settings.

Good to Know

PM Softwares that do not utilize LOS Pricing will not be affected by this update.

Boost Booking Report Updates:

The Boost Booking Report has received some updates to help it be a little more user-friendly.

  • It now has a scroll bar to allow you to see all fields even when utilizing a small browser window or screen!

  • Also, you can now use the filter to see the reservations placed on any of your Boost connected channels!

Learn More about the Booking Report Here:

The Boost Listings Page - Filter Updates

  • Now when you navigate to your Listings Page in Boost the Filter will be automatically set to only show units that are Active in your PM Software.

    • To remove this filter so you are able to see both PMS Active and PMS Inactive properties, simply click on the “Show Inactive Properties” filter button that is above the Name column on the Listings Page.