Boost UI Updates: Price Factor Update, Airbnb Pet Fees, and More!

Changes to the Price Adjustment % (Formerly known as the Global Price Factor)

The Price Adjustment % is a % price adjustment that can be made in Boost to increase (or decrease) the rental rate you’re charging via Boost. This can be added in the Channel Settings Page, on an individual listing , or via the Bulk Edit action. In the past you had to use a multiplier like “1.0523” for 5.23%. Now you can simply add the percent you would like to markup. This update will effect the Global Price Factor in Channel Settings, Listing Settings, and Bulk Edit, as well as the Price Adjustment in Fee Mapping.


  • Enter 5 for 5%

  • Enter - 5 for a 5% discount

  • Enter 3.5 for 3.5%

  • Enter 5.234 for 5.234%

Already have your price factors set in Boost? Good news, you don’t have to change a thing! All price factors previously set in Boost will be converted to a % automatically upon release of this feature.

Airbnb - Boost users now have the option to map to Airbnb’s Pet Fee category in Boost!

Fees mapped to “Pet Fee” in Boost will only be charged if guests indicate they are bringing a pet!

  • Only flat, per-stay fees are supported.

  • The fee total must be less than the nightly price for that property.

  • How it Works:

    • This fee allows guests to indicate if they are bringing a pet during checkout and if they are, the Pet Fee will be charged. If the guest is not bringing a Pet, the Pet Fee will not be charged.

    • Airbnb allows guests to select the amount of pets they will be bringing. The amount of pets chosen does not change the amount of the pet fee.

    • Airbnb allows a maximum of 5 pets per property but you can change this by setting a max number of pets in your Airbnb Host portal.

    • How to add a Max number of Pets on a listing in Airbnb :

      • Log in to

      • Click Switch to Hosting

      • Go to Menu> Listings

      • Click on the name of a property

      • Click on Policies and Rules

      • Select Pets Allowed and Click on Add a maximum number of pets

      • Choose a number from 1-5 and click Save


How To Map to “Pet Fee” in Boost:

  • Log into Boost > Airbnb > Fee Mapping

  • Locate the Pet Fee on the left and select Pet Fee from the drop down list in the middle.

  • Optional: Pet fees are commissionable, so enter your price factor into the 3rd column to increase the rate to cover commissions.

  • Click Here for more information on how to configure Fees

Airbnb - Instant Book Welcome Message Update

  • The Instant Book Welcome Message displays to Airbnb guests during the checkout process but before they submit payment. This is a short message (200 Characters Max) for you to thank the guest for booking and/or provide information. Airbnb does not allow company names, email addresses, URLs, or phone numbers.

Good to Know: Airbnb has announced that the Instant Book Welcome Message is being deprecated. This should take place for our API connection early next year. Instead, Hosts can use scheduled messages on to send their guests relevant information.

Airbnb - Listing Expectations added to Boost

You can now set Listing Expectations in your Airbnb Channel in Boost. These are all ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options and can be set on the individual Listing Settings Page or to multiple listings using Bulk Edit.

Listing Expectations

  • Must climb stairs

  • Potential for noise

  • Pet(s) live on property

  • No parking on property

  • Some spaces are shared

  • Amenity limitations

  • Security cameras/audio recording devices

  • Weapons on property

  • Potentially dangerous animal

  • Pool/hot tub without a gate or lock

  • Nearby lake, river, other body of water

  • Climbing or play structure

  • Heights without rails or protection

Google - Add your Terms and Conditions in Boost to the Channel Settings Page of Google VR!

  • You can now add your Terms and Conditions in the Channel Settings page in Boost for Google Vacation Rentals! If set on the Channel Settings Page, these terms and conditions will be applied to all properties unless except: listing that already receive a terms and conditions value from their PMS or listings that have an override set for Terms and Conditions in Boost on the Listing Settings Page.