Boost New UI Features - Recently Released and Coming Soon

Want to know what’s new and what’s coming soon to the Boost New User Interface? Read Below!

Recently Released Features - Boost New UI

Add Airbnb Check-in Instructions added to Boost:

Now Boost has a place where you can give your guests clear instructions on how they check-in to their rental. Why is this important? Airbnb puts it well in their help article,Simplifying the check-in process : “Your guests’ check-in can set the tone for their entire visit. Making sure they can easily find and get into your space is a key part of creating a stress-free experience and can help lead to positive reviews.”

How to get there in Boost :

You can set Airbnb check-in Instructions in Boost in the Policy section of Channel Settings, Listing Settings, and Bulk Edit!

How to Add Check-In Instructions:

  • Click the dropdown below Check-In Method

  • Select a check-In method that most closely aligns with your property

  • Scroll down to Check-In Instructions and add instructions/notes on how the guest will check-in. Example: The lockbox code will be sent via email 1 day before check-in.

Check-in Instructions must be added if you have selected a Check-In Method.

Changes to the Global Price Factor

  • The Global Price Factor is now called Price Adjustment (%). We changed the name to more clearly and accurately describe what it is: a % based adjustment placed on rent.

  • Also, you may have noticed that the Price Adjustment ( % ) is no longer a multiplier like “1.0523” (5.23%) but instead now you can simply add the percent you would like to markup. For example, in order to markup your rent by 5% you will simply enter “5” in the field. If you were to enter “-5” you would be putting a 5% discount on rent.

Already have your price factors set in Boost?
Good news, you don’t have to change a thing! All price factors previously set in Boost as a multiplier, have been converted to a % automatically.

Airbnb - Display Exact Map Location

  • Located in: Channel Settings, Listing Settings, and Bulk Edit, This field has been slightly updated to include 2 options: Display Exact Map Location and Don’t Display Exact Map Location.

New Vrbo Amenity Mapping Options Added to Boost

There are some new amenity matching options available in Boost for Vrbo. See the List Below:

Cleaning Disinfection

Linens High Temp Wash

Protected Tourist

Cleaning Disinfection

Linens High Temp Wash

Protected Tourist

Common Surface Disinfectant Cleaned

Self Checkin Checkout

Regional Guidelines Not Sure

Guest Gap Period 24 Hours


Safe Hospitality

Guest Gap Period 48 Hours

Clean And Safe

Safety And Health Administration

Guest Gap Period 72 Hours

Ministry Industry Trade Tourism

Sg Clean

Association Sanitary Cristal

Association Sanitary Dtv Dfv

Association Sanitary Ehha

Association Sanitary Hut

Association Sanitary Safehome Vrma Vrhp

Association Sanitary Safestay

Association Sanitary Safetravels

Association Sanitary Unplv

Industry Associations Not Sure

Rows per page added to the Boost Bookings Report (New UI)

It’s the little things that count right? Well here’s one, you can now toggle the Boost Bookings Report to show up to 100 reservation on a page instead of the previous 10!

Features Coming Soon - Boost New UI

Boost Listing Page Redesign!

The Boost product team is working on a complete overhaul of the Boost Listings Page set to release in the second quarter of this year! Get ready for a more Intuitive, Efficient, and Functional user experience! Learn more here: