Boost New UI Updates: July 2023

Read Below to learn about recently added Boost features and some really great changes - coming soon!

Airbnb: Last Minute & Early Bird Discounts


You can now add Airbnb Last Minute and Early Bird discounts in Boost! These can be applied at the Channel Settings or at the listing level, via the Listing Settings override or Bulk Edit .

If you have previously set these discounts up in your Airbnb host account, Boost won't override them unless you set the options to 'No' in Boost.

When the user selects YES, they do offer a discount, they will need to put in the logic for it.

 Early Bird Discount:

This discount allows you to incentivize guest to book their stays further in advance.

Last Minute Discount:

The way the logic works for last minute discounts is, you select the amount of days for the discount to apply between. Note: it must be between 1 - 27 days. If a guest books within that timeframe, then a % discount (of your choosing) will apply to the rent.

Example: Last Minute Discount of 10% for 7 days from check-in

  • Set the last minute discount to 7 days.

  • Set their percent discount to 10%

  • Result: if a guest books from 1 - 7 days of check-in, a 10% discount will apply to the rent on this reservation.

Coming Soon: Your Brand on Google VR!


Coming this summer: feature your logo on all of your listings on Google Vacation rentals! The Boost product team has been working on this highly requested feature and hopes to release this by the end of summer!

Google VR Brand/Logo Requirements:

Once this feature is released there will be a place in Boost Channel Settings where you can upload the logo that will show on your listings. This logo will have to meet these specific requirements in order to be accepted by Google:

  • Image must be in PNG format, or convertible to PNG 

  • Size of at least 72 pixels -- no larger than 1200 pixels 

  • Aspect ratio other than 1:1 

  • Cannot use more than 3 letters 

  • Must have transparent or non-white background. 

  • Icon image must match the favicon or artwork on the advertiser’s final URL