Paid Advertising

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid Advertising is any kind of advertising you have to pay for. Notable examples include Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows you to show up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page for the most relevant search queries in front of qualified customers. The algorithms that define these platforms are extremely sensitive and campaigns that are not closely monitored by professionals can lead to a low Return On Investment (ROI) and lost income. Paid advertising campaigns run by the vacation rental industry experts at Bluetent are agile, optimized, and continually reassessed.

What do Bluetent’s Paid Advertising Experts do?

Bluetent’s Paid Advertising experts facilitate paid ads campaigns for vacation rental managers in different markets across a variety of advertising platforms.

Bluetent manages paid advertisements on the following platforms:

  • Google Search Network (Pay Per Click Advertising/PPC)

  • Bing Ads (PPC)

  • Google Display Network

    • Retargeting & prospecting campaigns

    • Dynamic Display Advertising (DDA) - personalized remarketing ad

  • Google Travel - Vacation Rentals

  • YouTube Advertising

Bluetent’s Paid Advertising experts deploy a variety of tactics to drive online bookings and improve your Return On Investment (ROI), including:

  • Structure Campaigns and Ad Groups to maximize your ad budget and increase return-on-ad-spend

  • Budget forecasting based on seasonality & market competition

  • Conversion based budget optimization & bidding strategies

  • Tightly themed keyword groups to drive the most qualified customers to your website

  • Advanced targeting: ad scheduling, location, demographics, in-market and affinity audiences, etc

  • Data-driven optimization to drive more leads and increase direct online bookings

  • A/B test and optimize for a variety of ad types and ad copy

  • Advanced tracking, analytics, and reporting

  • and much more…

How do Get Started with Paid Advertising

Jump-start your business growth with results-driven digital advertising campaigns crafted by our experts. Continually monitored and optimized, our plans will meet your unique goals and maximize profit. Getting started is easy - contact us for a free consultation today.

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