Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending a message to a single person or a group of people using email. This form of messaging encompasses advertisements, consumer notifications, owner notifications and personal messages. In the vacation rental industry, email marketing is used for:

  • Driving measurable conversions

  • Driving repeat bookings

  • Boosting per-guest revenue

  • Staying connected with current, future, and past guests

  • Communicating with owners

  • And more!

What do Bluetent’s Email Marketing Experts do?

Bluetent’s Email Marketing Experts are your guide to running a successful program using email best practices. Our team focuses on captivating and engaging campaigns that connect with travelers on an emotional level and thereby drive measurable conversions and a high return on investment. Bluetent’s Email Marketing Experts will:

  • Strategize programs made for vacation rental professionals

  • Create a branded template for beautiful eye-catching emails

  • Build and send customized emails based on each property managers needs

Bluetent’s Email Marketing Experts utilize Campaign Monitor as a platform to send emails and organize sending lists. Our platform can fully integrate with many programs, including RezFusion websites, Google Analytics and Google Data Studios, and property management systems, including but not limited to Escapia and Streamline.

How to get started with Email Marketing

Bluetent offers flexible Email Marketing engagements to meet your business goals, and getting started is easy. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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