Fee Mapping (Boost New UI)

This article provides instruction on mapping fees within the Boost New User Interface.


  • Fee mapping involves classifying how you want to send fees to the OTA.

  • The fee amounts and which listings the fees apply to, is set within your PMS.

  • You can not send optional fees, and any fee that is sent to the OTA will be applied automatically. There are a few exceptions to this with Vrbo and Airbnb. These are outlined later in this article.

  • You need to map fees for each channel individually. (i.e. if you are connecting Boost to 4 channels, you will map your fees 4 times.)

Before you start, you may want to review the Navigating Boost documentation.


OTA stands for Online Travel Agent or Agency and is interchangeable with Channel. Both refer to Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, Google and HomeToGo

Getting Started

Click Here for instructions on how to navigate Boost.

Mapping Fees

Fee Types

There are 2 Fee Types at the top of the Fee Mapping page - make sure to map fees in both sections, if applicable.

  • Flat Fees - Flat dollar amount fees.

  • Percent Fees - Percentage Based Fees - only calculate on the total Rent.

Fee Mapping Fields

Engine Fee Name is the name of the fee pulling from your PMS.

  • Fees that have the same name but multiple prices, will show as one fee on the Fee Mapping page.

  • To see all prices for that fee, hover over the blue information circle next to the fee name.

Channel Fee lists the options for the OTA you’re configuring.

  • Every OTA has different options to select from. These are outlined later in this article.

Price Adjustment is an optional field for Flat Fees, where you may enter a multiplier to cover commissions.

Fee Options (Channel Fee)

Each OTA has different options to select for fees and are explained later in this article.

These 2 options will show for all OTA’s.

  • DO NOT SEND - excludes a fee from being sent to the OTA.

  • Unspecified / Default will use the value selected in the Default for any unmapped fee field on the first row. You may select a different default by selecting a different option in drop list and clicking Submit at the bottom of the page.

    • Unspecified / Default is the default for new fees.

Mapping the Fees

To map fees, select an option in the Channel Fee drop list for each fee. (Required)

To increase rates on a fee, enter the multiplier in the Price Adjustment field.

Click SUBMIT on the bottom of the page.


When you add a new fee in your PMS, you need to map the fee for every OTA Boost connects to.

Google Fee Mapping Options

You can choose for fees to be added to Rent or show as Fees.

  • Include in Rent: These fees will be included in the rent amount that is sent from Boost to Google. These fees are not listed separately as a line item at checkout.

  • Include in Fees: These are fees that will be displayed to the guest at checkout. Note: The PMS Fee name is displayed to the guest.

Vrbo and HomeToGo Fee Mapping Options

Vrbo and HomeToGo offer a lot of options to choose from. The below options have special instructions.



  • DEPOSIT DAMAGE: This should only be used in the instances of a refundable damage deposit or security deposit that will be refunded to the guest after the stay.


  • DAMAGE WAIVER: This should be used in the instance of a damage insurance product that is non-refundable.


  • PET: (Vrbo ONLY) Fees mapped to ‘Pet’ will only be charged if the guest indicates at checkout that they are bringing a pet. Fees mapped to ‘Pet’ should be Flat, Per-Stay Fees.


VRM clients can have fees set to be automatically added when a reservation is created in VRM.

Is your pet fee automatically applied to reservations in VRM?

If the answer is "yes", do not map to the PET fee, as VRBO will allow for the guest to "opt-in" to the pet fee at checkout. Map the VRM PET FEE to another Channel Fee that will be automatically charged (e.g. Administrative, Cleaning, etc.).


Airbnb Fee Mapping Options

You can choose to have fees added to Rent or Cleaning Fee, and Pet fees get mapped to Pet Fee.


  • Resort, Management, Community Fee (in stay): The fee will be passed through as part of the nightly rate but will not appear as a separate fee to the guest.

  • Cleaning Fee (Linen Fee): The fee will be passed through as part of the Airbnb cleaning fee that is displayed to the guest.

  • Pet Fee: Guests are allowed to indicate if they are bringing a pet. The Pet Fee will only be charged once per reservation, even if multiple pets are included in the reservation. The Pet Fee dollar amount must be lower than the Default Daily Rate on the listing. You can send a higher Default Daily rate for a listing in the Pricing section.