Airbnb Helpful Links

This article will provide you with useful links for managing your Airbnb (ABB) listings on Boost.


Bluetent Boost Help:  Which Version of Boost am I using?

Bluetent Boost Help:

Boost Online Channel update form - Add or Remove a channel  

Boost Online Cancellation form  - Cancel Boost  

Where is occupancy tax collection and remittance by Airbnb available?   

How do I add taxes to my listing?  

How do I activate my listing?   

How do I snooze, unlist, or deactivate my listing?  

API Connected Software:  

Policies for API connected software:  

Cancelling an Airbnb Reservation as a Host:  

Professional Hosting Tool:  

New Airbnb Email Policy:  

How does Airbnb build trust between guests and hosts:  

Airbnb Identity Verification:   

What does it mean when Airbnb says a guest’s ID has been verified:  

Airbnb Island of Kaua'i eligibility requirements and adding your Tax Map Key (TMK):  

Look up page:  

Airbnb Cancellation Policies:

Extenuating Circumstances Policy  

Airbnb's Host Guarantee  

How does Airbnb handle security deposits?  

How do I merge Airbnb listings?  

How do I add Self Check-In to my listing?

How a guest can make a change to a reservation  

How does a Host make a change to a reservation?  

How do I change the sync settings for my connected listings?  

How you get paid for hosting

How does ID verification work with Airbnb?