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Hopper Overview

Hopper is one of the top downloaded travel apps in the US, features homes from around the world from professional property managers and individual hosts, and offers an award-winning mobile booking experience. Learn more here:

Reasons to List with Hopper: (Information Sourced from )

  • Access to a unique customer segment: 1 in 2 Hopper users don't book travel anywhere else

  • More peace of mind: $1M damage guarantee per booking, plus get any issues resolved within three days via a resolution process that doesn't just favor guests.

  • Hopper is the most downloaded travel app ahead of Airbnb,, and Expedia with over 80M+ downloads.

  • Hopper is the 2nd largest OTA in the US, and books over $4B of travel across flights, hotels, and car rentals today.

  • Hopper powers the Capital One Travel rewards portal, which will allow 40M+ cardholders to use points for vacation rentals.

  • Benefits of Joining Early: Favorable search placement: Our early partners will get listings boosted at the top of search results.

Important Information

Hopper Homes Host Policies

  • Host Terms & Conditions:

  • To see all Hopper Homes Policies please go here: and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Hopper home policies section:


Reservation Modifications

Reservation modifications are not currently supported on Hopper. To make a reservation modification as a Host, the reservation needs to be canceled and a new reservation needs to be made. If a guest would like to modify a reservation they will contact our customer support team through the app. Learn More Here

Reservation Cancellations

  • Cancellation Policy: Hopper will display the cancellation policy that you set in the Boost Partner Network- Channel Settings page.

  • Guest Cancelations: If a guest reaches out to your customer support team to cancel, you can defer the guest to cancel directly through the app. If the guest is unable to cancel on the app, there will be a button for them to contact the Hopper customer support team.

  • Host Cancelations: Hosts must cancel reservations in the Hopper portal. Canceling a reservation from your property management software will not cancel the reservation in Hopper. To cancel a reservation as the host follow these steps: Request a Cancellation

Publishing & Unpublishing Hopper Listings

  • Learn how to publish your Hopper Listings here:

  • You can enable “Auto-Activate” in the Hopper Host Portal to automatically set new listings Active that are pushed Published from Boost (Hopper Channel). If Auto-Activate is not enabled, you will have to manually activate new properties on your Hopper Host Portal.

  • Unpublishing Properties: If you no longer want to list a property on Hopper, unpublish the property from the Boost Partner Network or from the Boost-Hopper channel.

Reservations and Payment

  • Payment Details: As Hopper is the merchant of record, Hopper will charge the guest directly for the reservation. Hopper will charge the nightly rate, mandatory fees, and taxes that are set up for Hopper in your PMS & Boost.

  • Taxes: Hopper does not remit taxes on your behalf, the tax amount will be included in your payout.

  • Payout method: You can adjust the payout method via the Hopper Host Portal by going to Settings -> Payout method.

  • ACH (bank transfer): Change the payout to ACH and follow the instructions to add your bank details and tax information to our payout service Trolley. At this time one bank account can be added per Hopper account. The ability to add multiple bank accounts will be coming soon. Payouts are done on the day after checkin and usually takes 1-3 business days to reach your bank account.

  • Security Deposits: Hopper does not collect security deposit. We recommend that you remove security deposit from Hopper in your PMS/CM (if possible) since Hopper already covers you for damages via Hopper Promise. If you decide to keep the security deposit (or unable to remove it), the guest will see on your listings “A security deposit of xx amount may be collected by the host separately”. If you decide to collect it, you will need to collect the guest card details separately.

  • Optional fees & Extra Charges: The only optional/opt-in fee that is supported on Hopper is the pet fee (up to one pet). If a guest wants to add an optional fee to their stay (eg. pool heating fee, barbecue fee, etc.), you can either collect the guest credit card directly and charge them for the extra item or you can request an upcharge in the Hopper Host portal by clicking on the three dots next to the reservation. Include reason for upcharge, amount and any screenshots of communication from guest where they requested the extra charge. Learn more about extra/Up charges here:


Communicating with Guests

Hopper provides the host with the guest’s email address and phone number upon booking. If you are still having difficulty contacting a guest, you can reach out to to aid in that process.

Hopper FAQs

Does Hopper charge the Host a Commission?

Hopper charges hosts a 14% commission that is applied to rent and fees (not taxes). Learn more Here

Can I modify Hopper reservations?

No, It is not currently possible to modify reservations. The guest can cancel and rebook if modification to property or change of dates is required. Learn More Here

Does Hopper charge a Guests Fee?

No, Hopper does not charge a guest fee.

How Do Extra Charges or Up charges work on Hopper?

How do I enable Auto Activate for my Hopper Listings?


  1. Log into your Hopper portal

  2. From the Listings Page toggle the Auto Activate to the ON position

  3. Click Confirm

How are Hosts paid?

How can I view my live Hopper listings?

How are taxes handled for my Hopper listings?

Does Hopper cover property damage?