Airbnb - Adding Room Configurations (Boost Original UI)

Boost supports configuration of room-level bedding descriptions that answer common guest inquiries and concerns. One important thing to note is that Airbnb defines a bedroom as having 4 walls and a door, so any open lofts or pull-out couches will need be configured as beds within a common area. 


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get those room configurations in place:

  1. To begin, log into Boost and navigate to your listing

  2. From your listings, edit the property.

  3. Once on the property edit page, select "Airbnb Settings" from the left-hand menu. Scroll through the settings until you reach "Airbnb Room Configuration"

  4. A field collection will open for you to configure your first room or common area:

    1. Room Configuration Fields:

      1. Airbnb Room Number: Each room will be configured individually, so start with your master bedroom. Enter a “1” into this space then move onto the Bed Type.

      2. Bed Type: Choose the option that is the closest match for the bed(s) in the room.

      3. Bed Count: Is there just one of that bed type, or multiple? For example, if there are 2 double beds in a room you would set the bed type to “double_bed” then enter in “2” for the Bed Count.

      4. Add Another Bed: Are there multiple types of beds in the room? If so, use the “Add Another Bed” option to get a second bed type for the room.

      5. Add Another Room: Once done with room #1, Add Another Room to configure the beds available in Airbnb Room Number 2 or a Common Area (“0”).

  5. Once all rooms have been added with their bed configurations in place, scroll to the very bottom of the page and save your work.