Weblink/V12 Boost On-Boarding Instructions

Use this step-by-step guide for activating "Bluetent Distribution Partner Channel" in the Distribution Partner Channel

Step 1: Request Rezfusion Boost be added as an HSAPI Partner:

  1. Submit a ticket to HomeAway Support (Distribution → Email)
    1. This is so Rezfusion Boost can handle reservation changes.
      1. Product: V12.NET
      2. Ticket Subject: Enabling HSAPI for distribution
      3. Ticket Body: Can you please make the HSAPI channel specific to distribution for Rezfusion Boost by Bluetent available? We will need all api methods enabled.

Step 2: Distributing your property data to Bluetent:

  1. Log into your Weblink admin portal and navigate to the Channel Partner Manager
  2. Hit the radio button next to Rezfusion Boost, Distribution by Bluetent (##)
  3. On the right-hand panel, select each of the properties that should be distributed to Boost.
  4. Hit "Save Changes" 
  5. Bluetent will then receive a notification to accept property data from your company.

Step 3: Removing "Blue Tent Distribution Partner Channel" from Active Credit Card Usage Partners

This step requires the completion of the above "Distributing your property data to Bluetent" steps and for Bluetent to have accepted your property data.

  1. Navigate to your Weblink Admin panel
  2. Click on Customer Site Configuration
  3. Click on Activate Credit Card Usage Partners
  4. Uncheck "Blue Tent Distribution Partner Channel"
  5. Hit "Save Changes"

Step 4: How to complete HSAPI Setup

This step requires the support case submitted during Step 1 to be completed by HomeAway.

We'll also want you to enable the HSAPI features to allow for booking cancellation and modification from OTA Channels.

  1. Open the Partner Picker in your software as follows: (path: Administration > Partner Picker)
  2.  Locate "Rezfusion Boost by Bluetent" and click “Manage Partner” 
  3. When the “Edit Permissions” page loads, there are two boxes to check: "Enable Partner" & the select all method access permissions highlighted in the image below. 
  4. Then click “Save”.