Airbnb - Business Verification



If you select a Super Strict 30 or 60 day Cancellation policy for Airbnb then you will need to go through a Business Verification process with Airbnb.

If the verification is not completed you will not be able to sync successfully until the verification has been approved.


Have you already done this?

If you log in to don’t see the pop up window below or see the add account details below dashboard. Then this means you have already completed this task!

1) Log in to with your account information.


2) A pop up should show up that asks “Let Us Know How You Host”

Click Yes and then continue

3) Business Account Information

You will need to provide all the information requested to continue.


This person should be able to make legal decisions for the business.

5) Add Business Owner

Add information for one business owner, this is the last step and click save!

6) Approval Process

Airbnb has stated this process can take up to 72 hours to process. More information can be found in this Airbnb documentation,