Airbnb - Personal Verification


If the verification is not completed you will not be able to sync successfully until the verification has been approved.


Have you already done this?

You can double check in your Airbnb Account by going to Account> Personal Info > Government ID. If it says not provided go ahead and follow the steps below!



1) Log in to your Airbnb Account.


2) Go to

The page should look like this, hit next to continue.

3) Upload your ID

You will have 3 different options to upload from the Airbnb app, take a photo in browser, or upload a photo from your computer.

4) Specify Type of ID

Specify what country the ID is from & it has to be either a Driver’s license, Passport, or Identity card.

5) Upload a Front and Back Copy of the ID

6) Final Confirmation, Send Airbnb a Picture.

Airbnb will have you take a new photo of yourself, so we can match it with the photo in your government ID. Hit next upload a picture and then your done!


7) Approval Process

Airbnb typically takes 24 hours to process these requests