Airbnb - Map Boost to existing Airbnb listings (Boost Original UI)


This article is focused on if you have been previously on Airbnb with properties. This article outline the process of “merging” the listings in order to keep the historical data regarding reviews with the newly connected Airbnb Boost listings.

Note if you have not been on Airbnb previously follow this

1) Airbnb Account Connection

In order to merge, first we must have an active connection with the Airbnb account you would like to sync with. Once you log in to Boost ( you should see this Airbnb connection button. If you are confused about this process please contact your Implementation Specialist.

2) Ensure you listings are not available to be booked

After we have an active connection with your Airbnb account, you will need to temporarily remove availability from any units live on Airbnb to prevent your listings from being booked during the merge process on Rezfusion Boost. You will want to remove availability using your current channel manager. If you do not have a channel manager or if you are unsure on how to do this in your channel manager, you can snooze listings on Airbnb. Please follow the steps below to snooze your listings on Airbnb:

Snooze your listing for a set period of time

To snooze your listing and hide it from search results for a set period of time:

  1. Go to Your listings on and select the listing

  2. Choose the listing you want to update by clicking on the listing name or clicking the three dots icon

  3. Click Edit

  4. On the listing page, scroll down to Listing status and click Edit

  5. On the Listing status page, click on Change Status and choose Snoozed from the dropdown menu

  6. Enter the start and end dates, then click Save

You can snooze your listing for up to 6 months from the current date. Your listing will automatically reactivate when the timeframe you set is over. The day before your listing reactivates, you'll get a reminder email.

3) Airbnb Listings Mapping

Once your Airbnb listings are snoozed and we are connected with your Airbnb account, navigate to My Software Connections and look for Airbnb Listings Mapping

4) Mapping Listings Airbnb to Boost

Inside this navigation you will find a Connect Airbnb Listings with three columns Airbnb ID, Airbnb Listing Name, & Map to Boost Listing.

Map each Airbnb Listing to the corresponding Boost Listing by clicking Select Unit To Map

Available to search by unit name or PMS id once the unit name has appeared to map to Airbnb, click select button


Go through the list until you have selected all listings you wish to merge

5) Confirm & Save

Once you have confirmed a merge process, you cannot unmerge the listings. Please confirm listings have been selected correctly.


Navigate to the bottom of the screen and hit save.

A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the connection

Scroll to the bottom of the prompt window and confirm that you want to continue. This action is permanent and cannot be undone

A status bar will appear at the top of the window, showing connections made to listings. If any errors appear in connecting to listings, please contact



The sync can take up to 90 minutes to successfully connect. Your listings will be unlisted during this time to avoid any incorrect bookings.