Setting up your Main Search Page


This article describes how to create a Search Page on your website using Rezfusion Hub.

NOTE: In this example, we will use for your website domain. Replace the domain with your actual website domain and the full path to your confirmation page on your website.

What to do in Hub

  • The first step is to go to the channel in Hub you are setting up your search page and click Edit.

  • Scroll down to the QuickSearch Settings section and set the URL path to what you would like to use for your search page. Example: /vacation-rentals

  • Go to App Settings and note that the Search Element ID is set to “app” by default. You can rename this to whatever name you want to give the ID, but are not required to make any changes.

  • Find the Hub script by going to Compile Tag and copying the link from Tag ID to enter into the script. Example:…/bundle.js

  • Save your channel settings

  • Recompile your channel tag

  • Publish your updated channel tag

What to do in your website

  • Make sure there is a page that matches the URL path from your Hub settings. Example: /vacation-rentals

  • On that page you drop the following HTML

<div id="app"> <script src="…/bundle.js" type="text/javascript"></script> </div>
  • The id=”app” is what tells Rezfusion Hub that is where it should display your search experience. Only the ID changes, the script is always your compiled script for the channel in Hub.