Rezfusion Boost™ Implementation Overview


Why list your properties through Online Travel Agencies?

As a Property Management company, you are probably looking for more ways to get additional visibility for your properties, fill vacancies, and get more heads in beds! Listing your properties through online travel agencies is a great way to do just that! So, what are online travel agencies (OTAs)?  These are essentially online marketplaces where you can list your vacation rental properties to receive online bookings.  With Boost™, you’ll have the option to connect to Airbnb,, Google Vacation Rentals, HomeToGo and soon Vrbo!  

What is Boost™?

Boost™ is an efficiency tool for you to use that connects your property data from your Property Management Software (PMS) to premiere online marketplaces like Airbnb,, Google Vacation Rentals, HomeToGo and soon Vrbo! Boost™ integrates the data that you’ve already entered in your PMS, creates a listing, and then allows you to layer additional information on top of that which may be specific to the OTAs you list on through Boost.​ Additionally, Boost™ allows you to manipulate your property data to do things like add markups or offer discounts depending on different pricing strategies you may want to use.​

As we help you get set up with Boost™, your participation will be critical!

No one knows your business better than you do and that is why your participation is key to getting your Boost engine set up properly at the forefront so that you are set up for success.  ​We will be looking to you for insight into how you want to do business on Boost™ and will help you understand the impacts of different optimization strategies.


What will the Implementation Process look like?

We estimate that it will take 4-6 weeks to get a new client set up on Boost™ but a lot of this is up to you! If you are motivated and can set aside some time to work with our team, we can certainly help you get set up faster! Ultimately Boost™ is a tool for you to own and use, so you will be a key player in learning how Boost™ works, and how your Boost™ engine is configured, so that if and when you want to make changes in the future, you will have the tools and skills to do so!

Coordination Phase

During the Coordination Phase, we will be working with you to gather all the necessary information we need to be able to begin your Implementation project. Most importantly, we will need you to distribute your property data from your PMS, to Boost™ and we will provide you with instructions to do so.

Implementation Phase

Once you have completed the necessary steps during the Coordination phase, you will get assigned to an Implementation Specialist who will be your main point of contact and technical resource moving forward through the rest of your Implementation project. With your Implementation Specialist you will work on configuration of your Boost™ engine, get training on how to use the Boost™ dashboard, and you will do some testing before we can send you fully live.

After your listings have gone live on Boost™ and your chosen OTAs, you will no longer be working with your Implementation Specialist but can reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions by submitting a support ticket via


Which OTAs should you connect to via Boost™?

For a general overview of the most important aspects of each Online Travel Agent (OTA) that Rezfusion Boost™ connects to check out the link below. We certainly still recommend that you do a bit of your own research with each OTA to determine which will suit your needs and fit into your business strategy best.  





Transition to Support

If you have questions after you you’ve gone live on Boost™, you can always reach out to our Support Team by submitting a support ticket via