VRM On-Boarding Instructions for Rezfusion Boost™

Step 1 - Provide Bluetent with your VRM Client Code

The VRM Client Code can be found lower left corner of your dashboard after logging into the VRM System. If you need additional assistance, please see this help article from your software: https://help.vrmgr.com/View/how-to-find-your-client-code/94070

Step 2 - Choose which properties to distribute to Boost

Within VRM, Properties will only show available if they are placed into the "All Properties" web group.  This is found under System Configuration > Website > Web Groups > All Properties.  If the property is not assigned to this group, it is not considered a public property to be made visible to Boost.

Step 3 - Set up an overage account for each channel you are distributing to through Boost. 

In order for VRM to account in differences in markup for channel commissions, you will need to setup an overage account for each channel that you are distributing to through Boost. 

**Within VRM, follow the instructions outlined in Help Center article: https://help.vrmgr.com/View/boost-for-otas/D9237

Important: Be sure to do this for every OTA channel you are connecting to via Boost (ie: Airbnb, Booking.com, Google VR, Vrbo)