Streamline On-Boarding Instructions for Rezfusion Boost™


There are specific instructions for you to get connected to Boost depending on your current Streamline configuration.  Streamline's Boost integration works off of the same fields and logic as the Streamline HAXML integration which is the standard used for Streamline's direct VRBO integration.  

Are you currently integrated with VRBO in Streamline? 

Streamline Users Not Integrated with VRBO & HAXML Logic

Please reach out to your Bluetent Implementation Coordinator and notify them that you are not integrated with VRBO in Streamline. Your Implementation Coordinator will work with you to schedule a joint call with a Streamline representative to get you configured properly in Streamline for distribution to Boost.

Streamline Users Integrated with VRBO & HAXML Logic

If you are currently using Streamline’s direct VRBO integration, then you can follow the instructions below to configure and distribute your property data to Boost.

Please note that this will not affect any other configurations that you already have with Vrbo, Airbnb, or any other channel. We will still need to sync and publish your units within Boost before they are live. Completing the instructions below simply establishes the data connection (API) between Streamline and Boost.

Process Overview:

  1. Get Tokens

  2. Enable Units

  3. Update Documents

  4. Update Taxes & Fees

Main Menu > Third Party Integrations > Self Service Onboarding


The token information including the advertiser ID, Token Secret, and Token Key will be automatically emailed to Bluetent ( when you complete this process.

Enabling the token will automatically configure all back-end settings, reservation types, processor type, and travel agents as well as copy any currently configured and enabled HAFAMOLB reservation type taxese and fees to the Rezfusion Boost PDWTA and Rezfusion (Airbnb) reservation types.