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This article will provide you with useful links for managing your (BDC) listings on Boost.

Bluetent Boost Help:

Boost Online Channel update form - Add or Remove a channel  

Boost Online Cancellation form  - Cancel Boost  

Understanding the BDC Extranet:

How to add a new Rate Plan on the Extranet

BDC: How to update your Calendar Availability on the Extranet

BDC: How to How to access Guest Credit Card details

Offer transparency and clarity through simpler policies (New 04.14.21)|2021-02|OC|9240|PD|PU|policy%20simplification-&mkt_tok=MjYxLU5SWi0zNzEAAAF8Ip-LUmzBqzbzC6IDijtSxK2nXLEm8DqO36X66JqNSiL608GxuqMKEGyltDsVltbwCGuEqe1b4Sg1DaVHKyJ_cODrVBmuoblbDUzpUOfKTgMU

Cancelling an Reservations as a Host:;label=New_English_EN_CAUS_5496343225-yaIim2Lj5r3PNR2Ve93JJwS73336483945:pl:ta:p1:p2:ac:ap:neg;ws=&gclid=CjwKCAjw-8qVBhANEiwAfjXLrirngNASPPPqx1-mHmUd-XiVpKgappCtfRJbeEhx-R7E6_IjKwdl8RoCPt8QAvD_BwE

How to add information to the “Fine Print” section on the Extranet

Requiring a Photo ID verification for reservations:

First turn on the requirement in BDC Basics in Boost to require a Guest Address and Phone number. requires a traveler to provide identification prior to placing their booking.

Best Practice: Add a note “In Person ID requirement” in the BDC Extranet in the "Fine Print" area.