Boost Original UI FAQs

List of frequently asked questions about the Boost New UI

What do these acronyms mean? OTA, UI, PM, PMS, PMC

OTA - Online Travel Agent or Agency

UI - User Interface

PM - Property Manager

PMS - Property Management System

PMC - Property Management Company

Common acronyms for OTA’s: ABB (Airbnb), BDC ( GVR (Google Vacation Rentals) HTG (HomeToGo)

Which version of Boost am I using?

HomeToGo, Vrbo, Google Vacation Rentals and more recent Airbnb implementations are all in the Boost New User Interface. and older Airbnb implementations are in the Boost Original User Interface.

How do I create a support ticket?

Support is handled in our Support Portal.

  1. Go to:    

  1. Click on

Submit a Ticket

  1. Enter your information

  1. Choose Rezfusion Boost as the service

  1. Enter all the relevant information into the Description field.

  • Examples:

    • Details on what the issue is - the more details the better!

    • Listing name(s), reservation ID(s)

    • List of tax rate(s)s or fee name(s) that are involved with the issue

    • Rate differences for pricing discrepancies

Support can assist you with tasks like: 

  • Syncing/distributing listings

  • Incorrect rates or fees

  • Boost feature not working

  • Reconciliation of pricing & fees

  • Failed booking

What to do when a booking fails?

Why are my rates different in my PMS?

Where can I see the booking & commission report? 

How do I add another channel to distribute my properties? 

How is my Boost commission calculated?

What are the differences between listing on Airbnb vs.

How do I map amenities?

How do I manage fees?

How to send a listing live?

How do I unpublish listings on

How do you add room configurations for

How can I tell where settings are configured?