How to Add a 3D Video Tour to Your Listings

This article will discuss the two ways that you can add 3D tours to your listing pages. You are able to add Matterport or TruPlace tours directly to your listings or add a link which will open your 3D tour of choice in a new tab.

Matterport & TruPlace 3D Tours

Step 1: Navigate to the "Supplemental Data" tab for the property page you would like to add the 3D tour to

  1. If you are on the front end of the site, go to the specific property you would like to add the 3D Matterport or TruPlace tour to. Click "Supplemental Data" in the lefthand menu

  2. If you are on the back end of the site (the dashboard), go to My Properties from the sidebar menu and click on "edit" next to the listing you would like to add the 3D tour to, then click on the Supplemental Data tab.

Step 2: Add the tour to Supplemental Data

  1. In the "TITLE" field, enter a title for the 3D tour (i.e. "3D Tour of HOME NAME")

  2. Paste the 3D tour link in the URL field "3D TOUR URL"

Note: It is very important to format the URL correctly. URLs cannot contain capital letters and should have excess text removed.

Example: should be formatted as

Step 3: Save

For more information, see the video below.

Other 3D Tour formats

If you would like to add an alternative 3D Tour, you can do so using the Supplemental Data field which will open the 3D tour in a new tab. 

Step 1: Complete Step 1 from above.

Step 2: Type in the Title for your Link (i.e. Virtual Tour) then highlight the text you just typed in. The hyperlink button will then show as clickable, click on that button while the 3D tour title is highlighted.

Step 3: Once you click the hyperlink button, a popup window will appear.

  1. Paste the link for the 3D tour URL into the Link URL field. 

  2. Change the Target to: Open in New Window (_blank)

  3. Click Insert

Step 4: Save