Boost New UI Updates - September 2023

Airbnb Booking Confirmation Message

Airbnb recently announced they are deprecating their Email Alias feature. In light of this, we have added a new field / function in Boost to allow you to send an automated message to guests upon the confirmation of an Airbnb reservation: the Airbnb Booking Confirmation Message.

More Details:

  • The Airbnb Booking Confirmation Message can be set in Boost on the Channel Settings, Listing Setting, or via the Bulk Edit action.

  • This field supports numbers, emails, and URLs.

  • The message in this field is only sent to guests once a reservation is confirmed.

  • This message is sent to the guest via the Airbnb messaging app.

  • Example Message:
    “We look forward to hosting your reservation! Airbnb does not provide us with your email address, please send us a reliable email so that we may send you our rental agreement. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at Thank you!”

New Listings View Toggle

Just a reminder that Boost is updating is Listings page and in order to give Boost users time to get used to the new Boost listings page, we have provided a New Listings View toggle which allows you to switch between the old and new view with one click.

The new version of the Boost listing page will eventually completely replace the current version so please be sure to practice using the New Listings view as much as possible.

Learn more about the new listings page here: