Partner Network - Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy - Overview

Learn more about Boost’s connection to Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy (HVMB) below!


Launched in May 2019, Homes & Villas by Marriott International is a curated global vacation rental offering providing travelers, including members of the Marriott Bonvoy™ loyalty program, access to more than 28,000 premium and luxury homes across nearly 250 destinations. The collection is backed by Marriott International, which also includes a portfolio of more than 7,600 hotels under 30 leading brands spanning 132 countries and territories.

How to Connect to HVMB

New HVMB Clients

If you do not have an HVMB account Follow These Steps:

  1. Contact HVMB by filling out the form linked here:

    1. For the Question “How did you hear about us?” select Boost-Partner Network

      1. For “What Channel Manager Do You Use” select: Boost

  2. After Marriott has reached back out and given permission to integrate, a Marriott ID should be provided to you.

  3. The HVMB team will then vet and approve your properties. When this is completed, you will be given a list of accepted properties and your HMC ID. These 2 items will be required to start your Boost Partner Network onboarding process.

Existing HVMB Clients

Already have an HVMB account? You will need these things to connect to HVMB via Boost:

  1. A signed Boost contract:

  2. Your HMC ID (HVMB Account Number). If you do not have this, please contact your HVMB representative requesting this.

  3. A list of HVMB approved properties

HVMB Listing Requirements


Number of Properties:

20 properties is normally the minimum amount to connect to Marriott.
However, there are exceptions! Please contact HVMB to confirm if your account would be an exception. 

Minimum Stay:
All reservations on HVMB must be a minimum of 3-nights-long.

At least 3 consecutive days of availability and pricing, and 30 total available days with pricing within in the next 365 days are required for listing on HVBM.

Property Type:
All properties have at least one bedroom. Studios are not accepted by HVMB.

Amenities: At least 5 amenities must be enabled per property to connect to HVMB via Boost.

Cancellation Policy: At least one HVMB cancellation policy must be set on your listings.

Photo Requirements

  • At least 10 images are required (7 is required by HVMB but the Partner Network requires 10)

  • Photos must be at least 1024 pixels wide × 683 pixels high, however to connect to all Partner Network channels we advise using photos 1024×768 pixels or larger.

  • No watermarks, company logos, or people’s faces can be visible in any photos 

  • Photo captions:

    • Cannot exceed 255 characters

    • Cannot include: Company name, homeowner name, OTA Names (Vrbo, Airbnb, etc), policy info that conflicts with HVMB policies.

Bed Configuration Requirements

  • Beds are correctly configured per room and bed occupancy matches total occupancy

    • What we mean by this is the bedding is assigned to each room correctly and that there is at least 1 standard bed type available for each guest listed on the occupancy of the home. Air mattresses, rollaway beds, etc. do not count as standard bedding. 

    • For example, if a listing occupancy is 4 PAX but the bedding shows 1 queen bed and 1 air mattress, the occupancy will either have to be changed to 2 PAX or another standard bedding icon must be added. Usually, these homes don’t pass HVMB curation anyway, but it does come up occasionally, so I wanted to call it out.   

Any permit numbers must be visible on the listing in accordance with the current regulatory requirements of the listing’s city/state/country. (If applicable). 

Descriptive Field Requirements/Restrictions

Descriptive Fields include: Property Name/Title, Property Descriptions, Image Captions, and any other content field located on a listing.

  • Descriptive Fields Cannot contain:

    • Any information that can lead the guest directly to the property manager. Examples: company name, homeowner name, direct contact information, URLs, or an mention of addresses.

    • Any mention of policies that conflict with policies selected for HVMB

    • Any offering of travel insurance

    • Any mention of other OTAs (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc).

Property Description:

  • All properties on HVMB must have a description entered.

  • HVMB recommends a minimum of 2 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences each, but will accept the listing if it includes at least 1 paragraph, 3-5 sentences long.

  • Does NOT contain the company name, homeowner name, direct contact information, URLs or any part of the property's addresses

Property Name/Headline:

  • Headline/Name must be at LEAST 8 characters long and no more than 255 characters.

  • Does not contain a phone number (or no more than five consecutive numbers).

  • Only contains letters (any language), numbers, or the following symbols: ! # & ` ' " - ,

  • Is not all in uppercase.

Additional Requirements - Confirmed directly by HVMB

  • Requirements that need to be confirmed by HVMB directly: During your onboarding to HVMB on the Marriott side you will also be required to provide the items below. These do not need to be configured in Boost. These services will be confirmed directly with HVMB:

    • 24/7 Support

    • Professional Cleaning

    • High-Speed WiFi

    • Kitchen Essentials (such as cookware, dining utensils, microwave)

    • Bathroom Amenities (soap, shampoo, and hairdryer)

    • Premium Linens and Towels - Beds must be made prior to guests arrival

    • In-Unit Washer

    • A TV

Data Synchronization

  • Full property content is sent to HVMB when listings are distributed in the Partner Network.

  • Subsequent content updates are performed every 24 hours or on-demand when pushed on the listings level in the HVMB channel in Boost.

  • Availability and pricing is updated on HVMB within 15-45 minutes of a change in your PM software.

Reservations & Payments

  • All reservations on HVMB are Instant Book.

  • Reservation modifications are not supported on HVMB. If the guest needs to change their stay dates or their property needs to be changed a new reservation needs to be created.

  • If a Host wants to cancel a reservation they must do this in their HVMB host portal or contact HVMB support requesting the cancellation. Cancelling a reservation in your PM Software will NOT sync to HVMB.

  • HVMB is the Merchant of Record and is responsible for charging the guest.

Host Payouts

  • Hosts are paid via direct deposit. HVMB collects payment once the cancellation policy ends for a reservation. HVMB remits payment weekly on Sundays & Tuesdays.

  • Both the Last Day to Cancel and HMC Final Payout dates are listed within the reservation details on the HVMB Portal.

  • Disbursement data will be loaded the day after the payments have been distributed.

  • An email is sent with the payment remittance advise after each disbursement has been completed

Other Notes

Commission: HVMB charges hosts a commission ranging from 10-20% (applied to rent and fees). Most commonly 15% is charged. HVMB also charges a 3% fee (applied to Rent, Fees, and Taxes).

Supported Fees: Flat Per-Stay, Flat Per-Day/Night, % Per-Stay, Optional Extra Guest Fees, Optional/Opt-in Pet Fee

Not Supported Fees: Refundable security deposits, Fees based on LOS groupings

Marriott FAQs:

How Do I Connect Boost to HVMB?

  1. Fill out the property manager interest form - In the How did you hear about us? dropdown choose Boost-Partner Network

  2. Properties are vetted by Marriott team

  3. Sign HVMB Contract

  4. Sign a Boost Contract

  5. A member of the BlueTent Integration and Distribution team will reach out to begin onboarding

What is HVMB’s Host Commission?

10%-20% commission (usually 15%) + 3% processing fee. For further detail, please review your HVMB contract.

Do users have a HVMB Dashboard?

Yes, you will have access to a HVMB Dashboard call the HVMB Extranet. To sign in go here:

What are HVMB’s Cancellation policy options?

Are their Rate Parity restrictions on HVMB?

What kind of fees does HVMB Support?

How to View your live HVMB Listings

HVMB Host Resources

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