Partner Network - Fee Mapping

This article provides instruction on mapping fees for Partner Network connected OTAs.


  • Fee mapping involves classifying how you want to send fees to Partner Network connected OTAs.

  • The fee amounts and which listings the fees apply to, is set within your Property Management Software.

  • Generally speaking, any fee that is sent to the OTA will be applied automatically. There are a few exceptions to this with Homes & Villas by Marriott and Hopper. These are outlined later in this article.

Before you start, you may want to review the Navigating Boost documentation.


OTA stands for Online Travel Agent or Agency and is interchangeable with Channel. Both refer to Homes & Villas by Marriott and Hopper

Getting Started

Click Here for instructions on how to navigate Boost.

Mapping Fees

Fee Types

There are 2 Fee Types at the top of the Fee Mapping page - make sure to map fees in both sections, if applicable.

  • Flat Fees - Flat dollar amount fees.

  • Percent Fees - Percentage Based Fees - only calculate on the total Rent.

Fee Mapping Fields

PMS (Streamline/VRM/Escapia/Etc) Fee Name is the name of the fee pulling from your property management software.

  • Fees that have the same name but multiple prices, will show as one fee on the Fee Mapping page.


  • To see all prices for that fee, hover over the blue information circle next to the fee name.

Partner Network Fee lists the options for the OTA you’re configuring.

Price Adjustment is an optional field for Flat Fees, where you may enter a % amount to markup your fees to cover commissions.

  • The price adjustment must be entered for each fee it applies to.

  • This field does not default and will need to be configured for all new fees.

  • Enter the amount you wish to adjust each fee in the Price Adjustment field. (Example” Entering 20 would equal a 20% markup. Entering -20 would be a 20% discount).

Fee Options (Partner Network Fee)

The Partner Network has numerous options to select for fees. Please review the following notes about commonly used fee options below.

  • DO NOT SEND - excludes a fee from being sent to the OTA.

  • Unspecified / Default will use the value selected in the Default for any unmapped fee field on the first row. You may select a different default by selecting a different option in drop list and clicking Submit at the bottom of the page.

    • Unspecified / Default is the default for new fees.

  • Cleaning - DO NOT map multiple fees to ‘Cleaning’. There can only be one Cleaning Fee mapped per listing.

Mapping the Fees

To map fees, select an option in the Partner Network Fee drop list for each fee. (Required)

To put a markup on a fee, enter the percentage in the Price Adjustment field.

Click SUBMIT on the bottom of the page.


When you add a new fee in your PMS, you need to map that fee in Boost or it will not be applied to reservations. For OTAs that you are connected to via the Partner Network, fee mapping is done here: Partner Network > Manage Settings > Fee Mapping.

Partner Network Individual OTA Markups

Each individual OTA (Homes & Villas by Marriott, Hopper, etc.) provides the option to add a markup to your listings. This markup applies to RENT ONLY and will be put on top of any markup you have in the Partner Network. If you are only connected to one OTA on the Partner Network we suggest you place you markup (on rent and fees) in the Boost Partner Network and leave the field shown below at zero.

Homes & Villas by Marriott Optional Fees

Homes & Villas by Marriott allows for the following optional fees:

  • Optional Extra Guest Fee

  • Optional / Opt-in Pet Fee - Up to 1 pet

Hopper Optional Fees

Hopper allows for the following optional fees:

  • Optional/Opt-in Pet Fee - Up to 1 pet

Looking For Fee Mapping in Boost New UI? (Airbnb, Google, HomeToGo, and VRBO are in the New UI)

Looking For Fee Mapping for ?


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