Managing Fees (Boost Original UI)


This article describes the Manage Fees interface and how to access it within Boost, as well as how to control the way fees will be displayed to the guest.

Please note - this feature is available on some property management softwares but not all. Ask your implementation specialist for more info.

What it is

The fee mapping interface is a new interface that allows you to automatically pass through fees from your property management software (PMS) into Airbnb/ other distribution channels available in Boost. In addition to matching up fees between the PMS and the distribution channels, you can also disable a fee, increase or decrease the fee, and indicate the tax percentage that should be applied to each fee.

How to find it

  1. Log in to Boost

  2. Click on My Account



  3. Click on Fee Mapping



  4. Finally, select the appropriate channel


What it looks like


On the top left, you’ll see the distribution channel that is currently active on your screen. Although the fee mapping interface is the same across all channels, each channel will be displayed with its own label and options specific to that channel.

Fee Price Adjustments

On the top right, the Fee Price Adjustments field allows you to set a single price adjustment that should apply to all the fees on this channel.

Software Fee Name

The first column on the left indicates the name of the fee as it appears in your PMS.

Map to (channel) Fee

The second column contains a series of drop-down lists with the labels available for fees on that channel. The label on this will change to indicate what channel is currently active on your screen.

Tax if Applicable

The third column provides a field to enter the tax rate for each fee, if applicable.

Please note that some channels (such as Airbnb) may handle zero, some, or all of the tax responsibility for you, in which case you would only enter a value in the “Tax if Applicable” field to account for the tax responsibility that the channel is not already handling for you.

Price Adj. Override

The fourth and final column provides a field to enter a price adjustment for an individual fee if is different from the Fee Price Adjustments field located on the top right.

Default for any unmapped fee

This row indicates the default fee mapping that should be used for any fees that have not been explicitly mapped elsewhere on the interface.

Airbnb Fee Mapping

The Airbnb Fee Mapping interface contains some items specific to Airbnb. The purpose of each item is outlined below.

Unspecified / Default

When a fee is mapped as Unspecified / Default, it will use whatever has been selected in the “Default for any unmapped fee” drop-down menu on the first row.


When this option is selected, the fee will not be mapped at all and will not be charged on the distribution channel.

Resort, Management, Community Fee (in stay)

When a fee is mapped as Resort, Management, or Community Fee (in stay), the fee will be passed through as part of the nightly rate but will not appear as a separate fee to the guest.

Linen Fee (in cleaning)

When a fee is mapped as Linen Fee (in cleaning), the fee will be passed through as part of the Airbnb cleaning fee that is displayed to the guest.

Damage Deposit

Because Airbnb is the Merchant of Record, Damage Deposits work a little differently on Airbnb. Ask your Implementation Specialist or Support for more details. Fee Mapping

Pictured below are some of the fee labels available on Each of these items can be displayed to the guest as separate fees based on the label selected. Please note, the fees pictured below are not all inclusive.