Listing Validations (Boost New UI)

This article explains how to view and handle validations.


Boost Validation identifies property data issues that require your attention and makes recommendations to help you achieve the best results on each distribution channel. You will find these validation notifications on the Listings page in the Validation column and on the listings level in the Validation Tab.

Prior to distributing your listings, you will want to review the validation of each listing. Those listings that have errors will not be able to be distributed to the channel.

Click on Listings > then view the Validation Column



For listings that are ready to send live - you will see a GREEN checkmark

For those listings that have validation issues - you will see a RED circle with a number of errors in it

Click on the RED circle to view the specific issues. By clicking on the RED circle, you will be brought to the validation page. Below is an example of one of the validation errors.


Examples of validation issues

  • Headline length does not meet the minimum character count

  • Not meeting channel photo quantity and size requirements

  • Not having enough availability

  • Not enough amenities

Generally speaking, we recommend that you make these changes in you property management software. After you’ve updated the listing to meet the validation criteria, refresh the Boost page to make sure the updates have cleared the issues. It may take a few hours for validation to pull through, content changes can take up 24 hours to update.

If you are having issues passing validation, please submit a ticket to our support team Please include your company name, the listing with the validation error, and what the error is in your ticket so we can better assist you.

Common Validation Errors

  • Location - This is typically resolved by ensuring address, Longitude and Latitude are entered in your PMS for that property.

  • Property Type - This is typically resolved by assigning a Property Type in your PMS. ie: Condominium, House, Bungalow, etc.

  • Amenities - Additional amenities will need to be mapped in Boost for this listing, so that it meets the minimum amount of amenities for the OTA.

  • Availability Required - Depending on the OTA, your listing will need a minimum of available/bookable days within the calendar year

  • Useable Photos - Depending on the OTA, there will be a minimum amount of photos required to go live.

How to Run the Validation


Once you’ve fixed the errors, you can run the validation process again.



Select the listing(s) you’d like to run the validation for.



Click the Actions button on the top right



Click Run Validation



Click Finish

Wait a few seconds and then refresh the page to view the new validation results.

Once you’ve fixed the validation errors, you can run the validation process again.

If the validation job does not finish within an hour, open a support ticket.

How to check Job status:  

Airbnb - Verify Listing validation error

In some locations Airbnb requires listings to be registered/verified. Below is a sample validation error:

Click the blue text (hyperlink) in the error message to be redirected to the Airbnb page where you can complete the required registration.