Navigating Boost (New UI)

The article below provides instruction on how to navigate the Boost New User Interface.

Home Page

The below page will be the first page you see when logging in and is called the Rezfusion Boost page.


Expanding the menu bar allows you to see the full title of each section in the navigation menu. This action is done by clicking on the small arrow icon on the bottom of the menu bar on the left of the screen:

With this expanded view, you can now see the title of each section in the navigation menu:







 Rezfusion Boost

This is the first page you will see when you login.


The listing page shows all of the listings that are being distributed from your PM software to Boost. This page defaults to No Channel. In order to make changes to you listings you must select a channel.


Provides list of all your bookings from all channels. This is also called the Bookings & Commission Report. Click Here for more information.


Displays all the active channels on your account.


Provides information about the connection to your PMS including Sync Status and the Last Sync.

Navigating to a Channel

Each channel has it’s own set of configurations. Example: If you are using Boost to connect to Vrbo and Google, you will configure your taxes and fees for both channels. You will have different Listing pages to view the listing configurations.

Click Manage on the desired Channel on either the Rezfusion Boost or Channels page.



You can then navigate to the each of the below sections.

Channel Settings

View and Configure settings that will apply to all listings

Fee Mapping

View and Configure Fees and enter price increases

Tax Mapping

View and Configure how Boost handles your taxes

Amenity Mapping

View and Configure the amenities coming from your PMS


View and Configure your listings




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