Booking Failure Notifications

This article explains what to do when you experience a booking failure. Whether you have been alerted by a Booking Failure Notification sent by Boost or see a booking in your OTA Portal that didn’t come into your PM Software, here are the first steps you need to take.

 Booking Failure Notifications

When a booking failure occurs you will receive a “Boost Booking Failure Notification” email at the email address associated with your Boost user account.

Example Booking Failure Notification Email:

Subject: Boost Booking failure notification: airbnb / ABDEFGHIJK

A reservation has been accepted by airbnb that your software has either rejected or not responded to. If the property is available and otherwise meets booking requirements please block those dates in your property management software to avoid a conflicting booking from another channel. If the booking cannot be accommodated as booked we recommend reaching out to the guest to place them in an alternative property. If there is no other availability or the guest is unwilling to be re-accommodated you may need to cancel the reservation. Please be aware of the consequences for cancelling a reservation: Avoid cancellations whenever possible and contact your Airbnb Market Manager and Bluetent Support immediately after making a cancellation if you believe there is an extenuating circumstance. You may visit this page to attempt to resubmit the booking: Resubmit Booking [1] Cancellations will automatically be applied to your property management software availability except for users of Property+ and FRS platforms which will need to be manually updated. Boost invoices will reflect any cancellations and modifications. Company ABC Vacation Homes Property Manager Time of booking attempt 2022-07-10 OTA/Partner airbnb OTA/Partner Confirmation Code HMPA4123 Property Name Sea Star 123 Property ID 134548 Arrival 2022-07-12 Departure 2022-07-13 *System Messages:* 2022-07-10T21:56:06-06:00: CREATE booking error: Pricing for stay not found. [1]

 Actions To Take

Follow the Steps Below When You Experience A Booking Failure:

  1. Verify that the reservation is showing on the specific booking channel’s dashboard. Note: For Google and HomeToGo proceed to step 2.

  2. Manually enter that reservation in your PM Software. If dates are available, manually enter that reservation in your PM software. This reservation will need to be manually managed on the channel and within your PM software.

    1. If that property is no longer available for those dates, you may need to cancel the reservation or contact the guest and work to find another available option for them from your inventory.

  3. Need more help ? Contact Support Here: Provide as much detail as possible, for instance, were you able to manually enter this reservation into your PM Software, or did this failure cause a double booking?

Cancelling the reservation as a host should be viewed as a last resort. This could have a negative impact on your host profile (Super Host or Premier Partner), or may not be permitted on other channels (