Boost New UI FAQs

List of frequently asked questions about the Boost New UI

What do these acronyms mean? OTA, UI, PM, PMS, PMC

OTA - Online Travel Agent or Agency

UI - User Interface

PM - Property Manager

PMS - Property Management System

PMC - Property Management Company

Common acronyms for OTA’s: ABB (Airbnb), BDC ( GVR (Google Vacation Rentals) HTG (HomeToGo)

Which version of Boost am I using?

Airbnb, HomeToGo, Vrbo, and Google Vacation Rentals are in the Boost New User Interface. is in the Boost Original User Interface.


How do I create a support ticket?

Support is handled in our Support Portal.

  1. Go to:    

2. Click on Submit a Ticket

3. Enter your information

4. Choose Rezfusion Boost as the service

5. Enter all the relevant information into the Description field.

  • Examples:

    • Details on what the issue is - the more details the better!

    • Listing name(s), reservation ID(s)

    • List of tax rate(s)s or fee name(s) that are involved with the issue

    • Rate differences for pricing discrepancies

Support can assist you with tasks like: 

  • Syncing/distributing listings

  • Incorrect rates or fees

  • Boost feature not working

  • Reconciliation of pricing & fees

  • Failed booking

What to do when a booking fails?

Read below for information on how to handle booking failures. If you need more assistance please reach out to

Why are my rates different in my PMS?

Where can I see the booking & commission report? 

How do I add another channel to distribute my properties? 

How is my Boost commission calculated?

Why is my listing showing inactive on a channel?

How do I make changes to amenities?

How do I make sure fees are mapped correctly?

How to send a listing live?

How do I unpublish a listing?

How can I mark-up rates to cover commissions?

What are validation errors and how can I see them?

How do I add or update my Google Terms & Conditions?

Where can I find more information on Airbnb?

Can I transfer a listing to a new owner on Vrbo?

Why are the listing descriptions not updating in Boost?