Listing Settings Page (Boost New UI)

In this article, you will learn how to use the Listing section of the new Boost to review the raw data coming from your Property Management Software(PMS) for each property/unit, as well as preview the listing information that will be sent out to each Online Travel Agency(OTA).


Getting Started

Click Here for instructions on how to navigate Boost.

Preview Listing Data

  1. From the listings page of the desired Channel, Click on the listing you want to view in the Name column.

2. You can now navigate and view the 3 sections that contain listing data:

Listing Settings

Listing Categories

Listing Settings contain the categories: Content, Pricing, Availability, Policies, Amenities, Price and Availability, and Fees and Taxes. The data contained in the Listing Settings categories shows the current configuration for the listing.


Reminder: Although pricing is pulled directly from your PMS, it may be affected by Price Adjustments that you setup directly in Boost (e.g. price adjustment to cover commission costs)

Click on the category headings to view the information. For information on the Value column and how to edit listings, please read the article:

The Value Column

The Value column reflects the data that is currently being used for each field. If it says No Value, nothing has been configured.

The Source Column

The Source Column shows where the data in the value column is coming from.

There are 3 options for what will show in this column:

PMS Settings - This indicates that the data in a specific field is coming from your PM Software and any changes you make there will change this value. Note the Name of your specific PM Software will show. Ex: “VRM” or “Streamline”

Channel Settings - This indicates that the data in a specific field is coming from the channel settings page of Boost. Channel Settings change information for all of your listings. This will override what is coming from your PM Software but can be overridden by changes made in Boost at the listing level.

Listing Settings - This indicates that the data in a specific field is coming from edits made in Boost on the listing level. This will override any other source, including your PM software and changes made on the Channel Settings page in Boost. This changes information for a specific listing.


After going through each of the above sections and making the appropriate configurations, review the Jobs page to ensure your Edits successfully completed and have applied to your unit(s). Please see our documentation on how to interpret the Jobs page:



This is where you can view all of the photos that will appear on the listing for the property/unit.

Images are pulled into Boost from the API connection to your Property Management Software(PMS). Any changes to these images, such as adding or deleting must be done in your PMS.

Quotes and Pricing

Provides a calendar view with Rates and Availability for the property/unit.

Select available dates on the Calendar to produce a Quote Breakdown


Click Here for information on Validations.


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